William J. Healy II Biography

President and CEO

William “Jamey” Healy II has been the President & CEO of New Neighborhoods since April 2018.  Under Jamey’s leadership, New Neighborhoods has undertaken a dramatic transformation, growing from 10 properties and 426 units up to 14 properties with 650 total units that New Neighborhoods now owns and manages.  With the addition of managing the BNT properties, the company’s staff has grown from 17 employees in 2018, up to 52 employees by the end of 2022, and we are in the strongest financial position in the company’s history.

Prior to joining New Neighborhoods, Jamey was the Vice President of Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation (EHDOC). Previously, he served as an elected official, including eight years as the Mayor of the City of Canton, Ohio, and three years as a member of the Ohio House of Representatives as the Ranking Minority Member of the Financial Institutions and Real Estate Committee.

Jamey earned his Master’s Degree in Business (MBA) from New York University’s Stern School of Business and his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Rowan University in New Jersey.

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