Sharona Virginia Cowan Biography

Board Member

Sharona V. Cowan is a 12-year employee of the City of Stamford Social Services Department, as the Director of Mandated Services, she works closely with those who are recently displaced due to eviction, foreclosure and non-code compliant housing.

Sharona has Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Missouri and is certified as a Housing Choice Voucher Specialist for the Federal Section 8 Program. Much of her work has involved housing and working with vulnerable populations.

Originally from Mount Vernon, New York, Sharona has also lived in Florida and Missouri. Sharona is a proud mother of 21-year-old, college student athlete. She enjoys hiking, playing cards, gardening and recently started beekeeping. She also has a strong passion and interest in youth development and for increasing the affordable housing stock for those in need of nontraditional housing in Stamford.

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