Putting a roof over someone’s head, providing access to healthy food, or offering a hand up are all activities New Neighborhoods prides itself in and things you can help make happen.

All proceeds go to New Neighborhoods, a charitable non-profit supporting affordable housing.

Call us at (203) 998-0889 to explore how to receive tax benefits and maximize your impact.

You can give directly to the following opportunities…


In our efforts to preserve affordable housing, in early 2022 we acquired 4 properties with a total of 224 units located in New Milford, Newington and Bridgeport, Connecticut. In early June, we are hosting three Open House events, one each in New Milford (June 7th, 2022), Newington (June 9th, 2022) and Bridgeport (June 15th, 2022) and inviting you to join us for food, refreshments, and celebration of New Neighborhoods acquisition, preservation, and management of these affordable housing units.

Please send all Donations to: “New Neighborhoods – Open House”, Attention: Long Chen, 76 Progress Drive, Suite 140, Stamford, CT 06902.  Donations may also be dropped off at any of the three Open House Events.  Thank you for your Generous Support!


2020 was a year of hardship for many of our tenants due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately many were left without jobs, meaning they had very little income coming in to pay rent, bills, basic necessities and provide for their families. The Tenant Relief Fund/Rent Bank Program was created to help those families desperately in need of assistance.

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