New Neighborhoods Unveils Fitness Challenge Victors

2023 Fitness Challenge Winners
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In 2023, New Neighborhoods took a proactive approach to employee well-being by hosting two engaging health programs, promoting wellness and camaraderie among colleagues. The first initiative, “The Biggest Loser Challenge,” focused on weight loss, while the second, the “Fitness Challenge,” centered around physical fitness.

Excitingly, Isirelys Campusano-Cabrera and Israel Santiago emerged as the impressive runners-up in “The Biggest Loser Challenge.” The event’s 3rd place was claimed by Osaid Zubi, with Gema Fernandez securing 2nd place. A special congratulations goes to our 1st place winner, Philip Sfraga! Let’s collectively applaud Phil for his remarkable achievement and extend our heartfelt applause to all the winners who have chosen the path of healthy living. New Neighborhoods celebrates your dedication to a healthier lifestyle!


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