New Neighborhoods Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2023

Stamford, CT – New Neighborhoods celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Jan. 13, 2023 — by providing their residents at the Martin Luther King Jr. Apartments with commemorative MLK Jr. shirts, refreshments, and music.

Martin Luther King Jr. fought for increases in more affordable housing and in 1966, along with activists at the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, created a blueprint for economic and housing equity, which is just one of the reasons New Neighborhoods honored MLK Jr’s memory in 1972 by naming our first multifamily affordable housing property after the great Martin Luther King Jr.

“While many things have improved over the years since MLK Jr. was leading the fight for civil rights and equality, the need for affordable housing has only increased and too many continue to suffer from housing insecurity, which is why New Neighborhoods remains committed to providing affordable housing to those in need.”   Stated Jamey Healy, President & CEO of New Neighborhoods.

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