Restructuring New Neighborhoods

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A company is the sum of its people. At New Neighborhoods, we are proud to demonstrate the progress our talented team has made over the last year.

Here at New Neighborhoods, we are committed to creating a nurturing company environment that is centered around teamwork and positivity. Assistant Property Manager Paula Ditmi’s attitude embodies a commitment to teamwork. Ditmi is the first to help with management when there is a shortage of hands. She has also enrolled in management classes which she takes in her free time, paid for by New Neighborhoods. Now, she is on the path towards her bachelor’s degree. “We are about not just helping fellow workers improve professionally but personally and doing everything we can do to help employees grow,” said Jamey Healy, New Neighborhoods’ CEO. Ditmi is not the only staff member who has stepped up to the plate. Others, such as Property Manager Jerome Floyd and Long Chen have also participated in certificate programs and university classes. Further education allows our employees to provide the best service possible to both our team and those we serve.

Team attitude is not the only transformational aspect of Healy’s first year. The office has been physically remodeled, and a new software system has been implemented. A singular software system has replaced the five we used before, saving 10’s of thousands of dollars and increasing workplace productivity. Because employees now only have to enter information once, our data is also now more accurate. Residents will benefit from this development through facility upgrades in their own homes.

New Neighborhoods is excited to continue evolving and improving.

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