The 2nd Annual Stamford Brew & Whiskey Festival Draws a Crowd of Spirit Lovers & Connoisseurs!

STAMFORD, CT – Friday the Second Annual Stamford Brew and Whiskey Festival at Harbor Point in Stamford drew people from throughout the region to taste and experience a spirit filled event while supporting a worthy cause.

Brews, views, and food attracted over 350 residents from Southern Connecticut and New York to the harbor front event where attendees enjoyed tastings from local beer, liquor, and food vendors. Boardwalk games and the Latin jazz vibes of New York street band, Receta Secreta, kept the night flowing.

The Stamford Brew and Whiskey Festival is the largest fundraiser of the year for the local non-profit affordable housing developer, New Neighborhoods. “This event is essential in our efforts to provide affordable housing and much-needed support for those seeking a place to live,” said Jamey Healy, New Neighborhoods CEO during the festivities.

Altogether this year’s Stamford Brew and Whiskey Festival raised more than $27,000. The funds raised support New Neighborhoods effort in creating safe, affordable housing and empowering those in their community.

Special guest at the festival, Mayor David Martin acknowledged the impact that New Neighborhoods has in the Stamford community. “Stamford provides more affordable housing than all the surrounding communities combined but the need is still there and people like New Neighborhoods who help address the need are crucial.”

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