NNI’s Healthy Harvest Provides Lifestyle Information and Services

A woman checking the pulse of a tenant at the healthy harvest event

All hands were on deck for NNI’s Healthy Harvest. NNI residents, tenant advocates and members of the Stamford community gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Apartments to learn about the wonderful benefits of healthy lifestyle choices.

The Healthy Harvest had food, health screenings, and local vendor information. Event goers were given free books, fresh produce, healthy recipes, and contraceptives. Vendors included: The Witness Project of Connecticut, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Optimus Health Care, ShopRite, Fairgate Farms, Stamford Cares, and Community Action.

The Witness Project of Connecticut along with Bridgeport’s St. Vincent’s Medical Center provided all interested event goers with mammograms. The Witness Project of Connecticut addressed the importance of clean eating as well as regular self-breast exams. “This new partnership with NNI is what we strive for. Not only do we educate with breast health and other programs within our organization, but NNI educates all of us with the importance of community action with their residents”, stated a representative from The Witness Project of Connecticut.

One NNI resident commented “Knowing that our Tenant Advocates cares enough about my health and the community by bringing St. Vincent’s Hospital from Bridgeport to make sure we have a mammography is truly unheard of. People never believe me when I tell them the different programs my property management company brings to us and the community.”

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