NNI Resident Surprises Team With Thank You Letter

Guerlie Bottex Akpa, a tenant living in New Neighborhoods Inc.’s (NNI) Marshall Commons building, was assigned by her university to write a letter acknowledging someone who rarely gets a “Thank You” for what they do for others. After leaving a Game Night event held weekly at Marshall Commons, her husband suggested she write a thank you letter to NNI.

In her letter, Guerlie thanks NNI for allowing her and her family the opportunity to live in a state-of-the-art apartment for the past 4 years, while her husband attended grad school. Participating in NNI’s various Tenant Advocate programs has allowed Guerlie and her family the opportunity to acquire the resources they need and to give back some of the kindness they received to the Stamford community through volunteership.

“I’ve never lived in a place where there is genuine respect and deep admiration for everyone around. The tenant advocates’ abilities to bring forth community, unity and respect among all the 50 families is simply amazing and unheard of.”

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